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2017 Events

Parent Dialogue Meeting #1 - Sunday February 05 Good Friday Service - Friday April 15 Gr5/6 + Youth BBQ - Sunday July 09 Volunteer Appreciation Event - Sunday July 23 VBS 2017 - Monday to Friday August 14-18 Gr5/6 + Youth BBQ - Sunday August 20 Volunteer Training - Friday September 08 2017-2018 School Year - starts Sunday September 10 Awana Clubs 2017-2018 - starts Saturday September 16 Parent Dialogue Meeting #2 - Sunday October ?? (TBD) Christmas Eve Service - Sunday December 24

Gr5/6 + Youth BBQ

Children's Ministry, along with the English Youth Ministry, would like to invite all the grade 5 and 6 kids  for a BBQ on  Sunday July 09 from 4:30-7:30pm at Calgary Chinese Alliance Church! We are hosting two BBQs during the summer, one on July 09 and another on August 20.  These BBQs are a great opportunity for the kids in gr5/6 to hang out with the teens, and to also get to know a bit about the Youth Ministry programs (ROCK Fellowship, Youth Sunday School) and the ministry leaders.  Parents are invited to come, too! If your gr5/6 child would like to come for the July 09 BBQ, please RSVP by July 07. If your gr5/6 child would like to come for the August 20 BBQ, please RSVP by August 18. We hope to see you there!  Have a wonderful summer break!