God Gives Us Hope Through Jesus

Last Sunday Discovery Point:

God gives us hope through Jesus

Last Sunday Key Verse:
"Then Jesus told her, ‘I AM the Messiah!’” (John 4:26)

Living Water

What’s the best thing to drink when you’re really, really thirsty? Cool, fresh water. Read John 4:1-26 to see what Jesus said about special living water!

Wow! Jesus said he could offer people living water. That living water is Jesus himself! Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we can live forever in heaven. That’s what living water is all about.

Now try this!
Create a commercial for the living water of Jesus. You could draw a poster, act out a skit, or record your voices. Tell people that they need this! Make your commercial as convincing as you can. Show or perform your commercial for at least three people. Have your Bible handy so you can read John 4:13-14 and 26 to your audience!

Sit with your family and enjoy a cold glass of water together. Discuss other ways you can tell people about Jesus. Write your favorite idea here:

• What does it mean to say that Jesus is living water?
• What would happen if people didn’t drink water?
• What happens when people don’t know about Jesus, the “living water”?
• Why is it important for us to tell people about Jesus?
• What might happen if we don’t tell others about Jesus?

Write your family’s favorite idea for telling people about Jesus, and then make plans to do it!

Encourage each family member to share the hope of Jesus with others this week. Then share your stories at dinner together!

Coming Sunday Discovery Point:

God gives us hope through the promise of heaven

Coming Sunday Chairperson: Matthew Z
Coming Sunday Powerpoint Manager: Ian W