We Show Hope by Giving Our Worries to God

Last Sunday Discovery Point:
We show hope by giving our worries to God

Last Sunday Key Verse:
“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7)

Care Hunt
Why should we trust God and not worry? Read Luke 12:22-32 to find out.

Jesus tells us to consider the birds and flowers and how they teach us that we can trust God and not worry. In the same way that God takes care of the birds and flowers, he takes care of us, too.

Now it’s your turn!
Take your family for a walk outside. As you enjoy the fresh air and the atmosphere around you, look for things in nature that God takes care of. Make a mental list, write things on a notepad, or take digital pictures.

When you get back home, talk about the things you saw as you discuss these questions.

• How do the things on your list help you see God’s care?
• What does this teach you about God?
• How can you remember to give God your worries this week?

Make a collage of all the pictures you took on your walk or cut out pictures from magazines of flowers and birds. Write the Key Verse in the center of the collage. Then have each person write a prayer on a slip of paper asking God to take his or her worry. Fold the prayers and tape them to the edges of the collage. Keep the collage in a prominent location in your home where you’ll be reminded to trust God with your worries in the coming weeks.

Pray and thank God for caring for you and taking care of you.  Ask God to help you give him all your worries.

Coming Sunday Discovery Point:
Let your light shine

Coming Sunday Chairperson: Matthias L
Coming Sunday Powerpoint Manager: Eunice L