God Knows Everything

Last Sunday Discovery Point:
God knows everything

Last Sunday Key Verse:
“O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me” (Psalm 139:1)

Father Knows Best
Have you ever felt that your life was unfair? Have you ever questioned God? After all the terrible things that happened, Job questioned God, too. And guess what! God answered with a few questions of his own! Read them in Job 38–41.

Go ahead, I dare you!

Finished reading? Tough questions, huh? Choose your favorite verse or two from the passage, and draw a picture of what you read. Hang your picture in your room to remind you that God knows everything and can do everything. Job discovered that God is powerful and knows things far beyond what we’ll ever know. But that’s OK—because God loves us! As a family, see if you can come up with 10 “unanswerable questions” such as “How far is it in inches to the farthest star?” After you’ve finished your list, discuss:

• How do you feel about the fact that you’ll never understand everything about God and what he knows?
• How do you feel about the fact that God loves you—and knows you inside and out?
• If you could ask God any one question and have it answered, what would you ask?

Whenever someone asks a question at family meals this week, have everyone say, “God knows that!” Pray together, thanking God for loving your family and always knowing what’s best.

As you’re driving, let each family member call out directions, such as “Turn left at the light,” or “Go past the school.” Talk about how God knows exactly where your family is at every moment, and that he knows exactly where you will go and what will happen to you when you get where you’re going, even though you don’t. Before you get out of the car, thank God together for being all-knowing.

No matter what happens, we don’t need to question God—whatever he has planned for his people is for the best!

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