A Mother's Praise

Past Sunday Discovery Point:
A Mother's Praise

Past Sunday Key Verse:
Her children stand up and call her blessed. Her husband also rises up, and he praises her." (Proverbs 31:28 NIV)

Play a little game of find the object. Choose a room in the house and find items that begin with the letters that spell MOTHER. For example, in the kitchen you might find "milk" for the letter "M" and "oven" for the letter "O." If one of you cannot name an item starting with a particular letter, that person must offer a hug to the other. Then, pick another room and do the same. Play the game periodically throughout the week.

Dear Lord, thank You for all of the moms in the world who dedicate their lives to serving You and providing for their families. Help me to remember how much of a blessing they truly are. Thank You also for giving me someone I can call my mom, and for all of the ways my mom takes care of me. Amen.

Helpers in the Bible: Mordecai

Chairperson: Matthew Z
Powerpoint Manager: Jacky J