Colossians-Put Jesus First

Last Sunday Discovery Point: 
Colossian - Put Jesus First
The Bible teaches that both our actions and words must match the new life we have in Christ when we become believers. But what does it mean to have a “new” life? How do we even begin to change our thoughts and actions to better represent Him? Today’s lesson taught us the difference between living for Christ and living for ourselves. When we commit to our faith and take steps toward obedience and growth – such as daily Bible study, prayer, and service – then we will begin to notice the emergence of our new lives in Christ! We can think and pray about how God wants us to “set our minds on things above,” and make the decision to obey Him today. Scriptures used: Colossians 1:17, 3:1-4 & 8-11 

Memory Verse:

“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17 NIV

Suggested Parent/Child Activity:

Help your child clean out his or her closet while discussing what happens to things that are old (they are thrown away). Compare sin to an old pair of shoes: willingly having sin in our lives is like wearing a pair of old shoes with holes and walking through a pile of glass! We should care about the sin in our lives much like we would care if our shoes weren’t doing their job to protect our feet. Just like a new pair of shoes keeps our feet from being cut, putting on our “new self,” or being like Jesus, protects us from the consequences of sin. So, we should throw out the old shoes! And when our actions reflect the “new self,” more people will want to believe in Jesus!

Daily Prayer:

Thank You, God, for giving us a new life through Christ! Help us choose to think and act on spiritual things so we can grow in our faith. Thank You for Jesus’ example and for His sacrifice. Amen.


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