The Character of Easter - The Disciple

Last Sunday Discovery Point: 
The Character of Easter - The Disciple
When Jesus began His ministry, He picked twelve men, or disciples, to follow Him. The disciples were ordinary men with common flaws, but Jesus lovingly poured wisdom and biblical teachings into their hearts and minds. In today’s lesson, the “Character(s) of Easter” are the disciples who most closely followed Jesus. The disciples’ overall desertion of Jesus at His crucifixion teaches us to guard our hearts from sin and to take an honest look at our own faith. Even though the majority of Jesus’ disciples did return to fellowship with Him after the resurrection, we learn from their initial examples that sin weakens our relationships to the Lord. Scriptures used: Matthew 26:36-46, 69-75, Mark 14:10-11, John 19:25-27, Luke 23:48-49

Memory Verse:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23 NIV

Suggested Parent/Child Activity:

Give the following scenarios to your child. With each scenario, ask him or her to give you a hug if the prompt is “right” or run in place (from sin) if the prompt is “wrong.” Explain that this simple exercise helps us identify what’s right or wrong and then enables us to act on what we know. 1. Helping a classmate with homework. (hug) 2. Ignoring a parent’s request to clean up my room. (run) 3. Skipping school with my friends. (run) 4. Speaking up for a sibling who is teased. (hug) 5. Lying about having homework. (run) 6. Being respectful to my teacher. (hug).

Daily Prayer:

Thank you, God, for sending Jesus to die for our sins. Even when we disappoint or disobey You, we know that You still love us. Thank You for always welcoming us back into Your loving arms. Amen.


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