The Lord's Prayer - Believe and Don't Doubt

Last Sunday Discovery Point: 
The Lord's Prayer - Believe and Don't Doubt
We have been learning how to pray like Jesus and follow the example prayer (The Lord's Prayer) He taught to the disciples. It's important to be respectful, pray for the right reasons, and recognize God's holiness. But how does belief affect our prayers? Today we learned the importance of believing that God answers our prayers and discussed some warnings the Bible gives us for unbelief. Truly believing God doesn't mean we give up when He doesn't answer our prayers the way we like - it means trusting that His plan is perfect. And because we know God is perfect and holy, our belief that He has the power to do anything shows Him that we love and trust Him. Scripture used: Luke 11:1-4, Mark 11:22-25, James 1:5-8
Memory Verse:
"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 NIV

Find the verse in a Bible and read it out loud to your child. Then pass a bean bag back and forth while music plays (or a song is sung). When the music stops, whoever is holding the bean bag will recite the verse. Continue this activity until both of you are familiar with the verse. Lastly, challenge one another to recite the verse from memory.

Suggested Parent/Child Activity:
Hold a stuffed animal and ask your child if he or she believes it will be able to fly. Then pray, asking God to make the stuffed animal fly. When it is unsuccessful, ask your child to think about why God may answer "no" to some prayers even when we believe (because He has something better planned, His perfect will desires something different to happen, or He wants us to learn something new about Him). Ask your child to consider whether it is loving or unloving when God answers prayers (loving). Then help him or her understand that because God is indeed loving, we can trust His answers to our prayers even when they don't make sense to us. And we can keep believing that He has a wonderful plan in store for us because He sent Jesus to die for our sins!

Daily Prayer:
Thank You, God, for answering our prayers! Help us believe and not doubt when we pray. Thank You for Jesus' example and for His sacrifice. Amen.
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