Fun Resources for Families!

Hello Families!

Here are some resources you can try using at home.  When I find any interesting or helpful resource on the internet, I will upload them here for you.

  1. Family Prayer List
    Prayer time with your family is an important part of your daily walk together with the Lord.  This Family Prayer List is designed for you to use during your family prayer time.  Just download this resource, print as many copies as you need, write down your family’s prayers and praises, then pray together.  Hang this list on your fridge so that your family members can see it during the week, so they can add to it, and so they can continue to pray each day.  Remember to pray daily together with your family!

  2. Sermon Notes for Kids
    Whether the time has come for your child to join you for [online] worship, or you’re attending special services where there won’t be a kids program, you may be at a loss as to how to keep your student engaged in this grown-up setting.  This notes activity sheet is less of the open-ended questions that elementary students often have trouble with, and more pointed questions that give them a purpose in listening!  As an added incentive, points are assigned to each question/answer.  You can set a goal for your child to reach and offer a reward when the goal is met.  This number should vary based on the age or stage of each child. For longer conferences or revivals, combined daily totals could equal a bigger reward!