How Many Lights?! Challenge **ENDED**

**Challenge has ended**

Hello Parents!

During the Kidz Online hangout on Saturday May 23, Amy gave the kids a virtual tour of the empty church and had some fun with them!  She challenged the kids to count the number of lights on the sanctuary ceiling, and whoever gets the correct number will be awarded bubble tea from CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice for the family! (1 drink per 2 family members)

Here is a [better] video recording that the kids can use to count the lights on the sanctuary ceiling at CCAC:
(also available for download here)

Since no one counted the correct number of lights the first time, the challenge is extended for another week.  Kids have a second chance to submit their guess to Amy at the Kidz Online Zoom meeting this Saturday June 06.

The prize will be awarded (delivered) on Sunday June 07 in the afternoon!

Have fun and thank you for participating!!!  :)