Toddler and Nursery Rooms Open!

Good news!  The Nursery Room and Toddler Rooms on the first floor outside the church Sanctuary are open for use.  Everything has been wiped down and cleaned.  Thank you to the Mandarin moms who came out to help reorganize everything on Wednesday!

Our Toddler Program will resume in the Toddler Room starting this Sunday June 18.  A check-in computer station will be setup in the room, so toddler parents and volunteers can check-in/out there - no need to run up and down the stairs!

The Nursery Room has new carpet and it has been steam cleaned.  Parents with babies can now use the room during Sunday Service.

Please note, SOCKS ONLY in the Nursery and Toddler Rooms
Remember to take-off your shoes when you enter the rooms.

The Preschool/K classes will move back to Room 8, the Kindergarten class at 11:00am will continue to be in Room 2.

There are no changes to the Elementary classrooms at this time.  The program schedules will change in the summer, it will be announced next week.

Thank you for everyone's patience and cooperation during this time!