God Gives Us Hope Through His Amazing Work

Last Sunday Discovery Point:

God gives us hope through His amazing work

Last Sunday Key Verse:

"Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them" (Psalm 107:15)

Knock Knock!

“Who’s there?” “Peter.” “No way! Peter’s in prison!” Hey, it was an honest mistake. Peter was in jail. But not for long. Read Acts 12:6-16 for an account of a most amazing jailbreak!

Now try this!
Hold a large book in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other. Drop them both at the same time. Which hits the floor first? You’re right! The book. Now try it again with this change. Lay the sheet of paper on top of the book. Drop them together.

The paper followed the book right down to the floor, just like Peter followed the angel out of jail!

On a sheet of paper, have everyone draw what he or she thinks heaven might look like. Then have everyone describe the drawings to each other.


• Why do you think God rescued Peter from jail?
• Can you think of a time God helped your family out of a tight spot? Explain.
• Why does God rescue us when we’re in trouble and can’t help ourselves?


On your paper from the book experiment, draw a picture of this Bible story. Then use your picture to tell the Bible story to two people this week. Write on your paper the names of the people you tell and the dates you talked to them.

During the next week, choose one person to tell Peter’s prison rescue story to and give that person your heavenly illustration to help him or her remember how God rescues us.

Coming Sunday Discovery Point:

God gives us hope through his strength

Coming Sunday Chairperson: Gabrielle C
Coming Sunday Powerpoint Manager: Joshua C