We Have Hope Because God Has Called Us

Last Sunday Discovery Point:
We have hope because God has called us

Last Sunday Key Verse:
“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Romans 8:28)

The Pieces Fit
With your family, read Romans 8:28 out loud. Then do this:
  • Find an old puzzle, and spread the pieces out on a table, leaving a clear space in the center.
  • Take turns picking up a puzzle piece and laying it in the clear space. For each piece you pick up, tell your family about a time you were confused or troubled.
  • The picture on the puzzle box is a complete picture, made up of little pieces that all fit together like the pieces of your life.
  • Glue some puzzle pieces to a square of colored poster board. Write the words of ROMANS 8:28 around the border.
  • Keep your puzzle in your room to remind you that God sees the big picture of your life!

• Why do you think God allows problems to come into our lives?
• Have you learned anything about yourself because of having to deal with a problem?
• Have you learned anything about God? Explain.
• Have you asked God to help you solve the problem you have? Why or why not?

Keep a family “God at Work” journal, and each evening have everyone share something that happened that day that showed how God is at work in his or her life. This could be an answered prayer or any circumstance that provided an opportunity for God to shine in your lives.

Coming Sunday Discovery Point:We show hope by taking steps of faith

Coming Sunday Chairperson: Gabrielle C
Coming Sunday Powerpoint Manager: Nicole Y