We Have Hope Because God is Always With Us

Last Sunday Discovery Point:
We have hope because God is always with us

Last Sunday Key Verse:
“He rescues and saves his people.” (Daniel 6:27)

Can’t Blow It Out
Read Daniel 6:1-23 together and talk about the way God was with Daniel in the lions’ den. God wants to be with you too! Check out what that’s like.

Hold a small funnel in front of a birthday candle and blow through the small end. (The candle needs to be centered but not inside the wide end of the funnel.)

When the candle doesn’t go out, try again!

Pray together and thank God for putting his protection around you. Ask God to daily remind you of the ways he is present in your life.

• How is God’s protection like or unlike the funnel protecting the flame of the candle?
• What are some things you need God’s protection for in your daily life?
• What can you do this week to remember that God is always with you just as God was with Daniel?

Put your hope in God like Daniel did. As a family, come up with a list of times you need to trust God even when you’re scared. Then create a phrase to remind you that just as Daniel trusted God and God took care of Daniel, we can trust God to take care of us. The next time one of your family members faces one of the situations on your list, repeat the phrase you created and remind that person of what you learned from Daniel.

Coming Sunday Discovery Point:

We have hope because God has called us

Coming Sunday Chairperson: Joshua C
Coming Sunday Powerpoint Manager: Nicole Y