God is Our Guide

Last Sunday Discovery Point:
God is our guide

Last Sunday Key Verse:
“Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you” (Psalm 143:8)

Reflection of Love
Look in the mirror and what do you see? Yup—you see a reflection. Read ACTS 8:26-40 to meet a man who reflected the love of Jesus!

That’s enlightening!

When we treat others the way Jesus says to, we reflect the love Jesus shows us. Philip reflected Jesus’ love when he helped the Ethiopian understand the Scripture.

Now try this:
Gather two empty paper towel tubes, a mirror, a flashlight—and a friend! Read what Jesus had to say about sharing your faith in him. Check out Matthew 28:19-20.

Set the paper towel tubes on a table in front of a mirror. Place them in a V-shape pointing toward the mirror. Use a flashlight to shine light through one tube toward the mirror. Angle the second tube until you see the light reflected back through the second tube.

• Who has reflected the light and love of Jesus to you?
• How does it feel to help shine Jesus’ light into the world?
• What else can our family do to be a shiny reflection of Jesus?

Who can your family reflect the love of Jesus to this week? Write that person’s name below.

Have each person pray for the person he or she wants to reflect Jesus’ love to this week. Ask God to help you find a way to show those people Christ-like love.

Coming Sunday Discovery Point:
God is all-powerful

Coming Sunday Chairperson: Gloria L
Coming Sunday Powerpoint Manager: Jacky J