God is Our Perfect Father

Last Sunday Discovery Point:
God Is our perfect Father

Last Sunday Key Verse:
And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:18)

God's Children
The people of Israel were God’s children, but they had turned away from him. Did God turn away from them? No! Read Hosea 11 to see how God describes himself as a parent. Cool, huh? Here’s a doll to make that will remind you that God wants you to be his child!

Here’s what to do:
Take a 3x5-inch cardboard, and wrap yarn around it lengthwise 50 times. Thread a piece of yarn through the top of your wrapped yarn and tie it off. Slide the yarn off the cardboard. Then wrap yarn around the cardboard widthwise 25 times. Tie it off, and slide your yarn off the cardboard.

To make a doll, take your first bundle of yarn, and tie off a head about 11⁄2 inches from the top. Take the second bundle, and thread it through the middle of the first bundle to make arms. Tie off your doll at the waist.

Separate the loops into two legs, and tie off the foot on each leg. Glue eyes and a mouth on your doll if you want! Glue magnet strips on the backs of the finished dolls. Then stick them on the refrigerator.

• Why do you think God chooses to describe himself as our parent?
• How does knowing that God wants you to be his child make you feel?
• How can our family act like children of God?

God wants to be our perfect Father every day of our lives. At dinner each night this week, answer these questions and then pray, thanking God for being a perfect Father.

• In what ways did you feel like God’s child today?
• In what ways did God show you he was your perfect father today?

Write “Hosea 11” on a piece of paper, and decorate it to remind your family of what the passage says. Then use your doll magnets to stick the paper on your refrigerator. Gather around the fridge and pray, thanking God for wanting you to be his children.

Read Hosea 11 again. Your “child of God” doll can help you remember that God loves you.

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God is our guide

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