Gr5/6 + Youth BBQs

Children's Ministry and the English Youth Ministry invite the
Grade 5 and 6 kids
to a BBQ with the Youth
on Sunday July 08 from 4:00pm-6:30pm
at Calgary Chinese Alliance Church!
Parents and family are invited to come as well!

This summer, we have two BBQs planned again for the gr5/6s and youth: one on July 08 and another on August 12. These BBQs are great opportunities for grade 5/6s to connect with the teens in the Youth Ministry, as well as to get to know a bit about the youth programs (ROCK Fellowship, Youth Sunday School) and the people who lead them.

If your gr5/6 would like to come to the BBQ on July 08, please RSVP by July 07.
If your gr5/6 would like to come to the BBQ on August 12, please RSVP by August 10.

On the BBQ Sundays, we also invite the Grade 6s to join the 1:00pm English Worship Service before the BBQ starts! The grade 6 students can experience the English adult service before they move on to youth ministry programs in September.

Hope to see everyone there!   Enjoy your summer!