Names of God: Adonai

Past Sunday Discovery Point:

Names of God: Adonai

Past Sunday Key Verse:
“If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened; but God has surely listened and has heard my prayer.” (Psalm 66:18-19 NIV)

God promised His people that they would receive very special land. However, before they could live on the land, their leader, Joshua, was met with a challenge of disobedience from among one of the Israelite families. Even though God, or Adonai, had already shown the Israelites that He was their Lord and Master, sin was committed and Adonai required that the sin be removed from His people. In today’s lesson, we will learn that God requires obedience because He is our loving Master.

Find lists of rules by searching the Bible, the internet, or newspapers (e.g. the Ten Commandments, rules for participating in an activity, or laws). Talk with your child about the importance of obeying earthly rules as well as Biblical (Godly) rules. Help him or her understand that since God, or Adonai, is our one true Master, then we should always try to obey Him. And even when we obey earthly rules, it pleases Adonai! Lastly, openly discuss why it can be hard to obey God’s commands but why obedience is necessary for believers (you may review the story in Joshua 7 if desired). Remind him or her that because Adonai is our holy Master, we dedicate our lives to obeying Him.

Thank you, Adonai, for being our Master. Because You are Lord, we can trust and obey You because You are holy. Thank You for loving us and sending Jesus to die for our sins. Amen.

Discovery Point:

Names of God: El Elyon

Chairperson: Hannah Y
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