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God’s Warnings: Beware of Pride

HIGHLIGHTS Past Sunday Discovery Point: God’s Warnings: Beware of Pride Past Sunday Key Verse: "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." (Proverbs 16:18 NIV) Pride is unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem, an excessive love of self, and a desire to be more important or prestigious than others. FAMILY ACTIVITY During the next week, discuss prideful behavior as you or your child encounter it. Prideful behavior won’t be hard to find; sporting events, school, work, television, newspapers and magazines are filled with people acting prideful. Ask how the people in these prideful situations could have acted humbly instead. PRAYER Dear Lord, teach me to be humble in all my ways. Instead of seeking attention and glory for myself, help me use my life to glorify You. If I boast, let me boast in You Lord God. In Jesus name, Amen. REMINDERS FOR COMING SUNDAY Discovery Point: God's Warnings: Beware of Covetousness Chairperson: Shelley C Pow

Names of God: El Elyon

HIGHLIGHTS Past Sunday Discovery Point: Names of God: El Elyon Past Sunday Key Verse: “Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And praise be to God Most High who delivered your enemies into your hand.” (Genesis 14:19-20 NIV) Abram (who later became Abraham) was a Godly man who faced a challenging task involving a family member. While numerous kings all around him fought for land and power, Abram trusted El Elyon, or the Most High God, to secure his efforts against the enemy kings. In today’s lesson, we learned how El Elyon protected His servant, Abram, and how we should also respond to the exalted God we serve. The invading kings recognized that God, or El Elyon, is above earthly circumstances and comes to the help of His people. We too can trust that El Elyon will help us because He is the Most High God. Scriptures used: Genesis 14:11-20 FAMILY ACTIVITY Check out a book from the library about outer space. Look through the pictures with your child as y