Justification - The Law Matters

Last Sunday Discovery Point: 
Justification - The law Matters
Being justified, or perfected by God, involves both obedience (the law) and grace (God’s unmerited favor). Today’s lesson outlined the importance of the law by identifying the reasons it was created. Because all have sinned, the law has a very special part in justification. However, there is a distinction about the law that many misunderstand: God requires more than obedience to truly be justified. While God’s standards teach us that we are sinful and need Him, obedience alone cannot justify us and make us perfect. Obedience leads to salvation through grace. And the law matters because God desires that we reflect His nature through our words and actions. (Scriptures used: Romans 3:10- 20)

Memory Verse:

“Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.” Romans 3:20 NIV 

Suggested Parent/Child Activity:

Review your child’s “God’s Law” craft from the lesson or turn to Exodus 20 to read the Ten Commandments. Give an example for your child for each commandment to help him or her understand. Emphasize that God doesn’t give us rules and commandments to keep us from having fun – He gives them, so we will understand our need for His help. Because everyone sins, God knows that obeying Him is the best way to live. Also, following God’s rules gives us a stronger faith and leads us to salvation through grace. His law matters!

Daily Prayer:

Thank You God, for Your law! Help us obey You so we can become stronger in our faith. And remind us that we need You. Thank You for Jesus’ example and for His sacrifice. Amen.


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