The Lord's Prayer - Ask and Receive

Last Sunday Discovery Point: 
The Lord's Prayer - Ask and Receive
We have learned over the past several weeks that we should be respectful, have humble hearts, acknowledge God’s holiness, and believe He will answer us when we pray. In this last lesson on the Lord’s Prayer (Jesus’ example prayer for His disciples), we learned why and how to ask God for the things we desire. It’s okay to feel like we don’t know what to ask for through prayer because the Spirit will help us. And we don’t have to be afraid to ask God for the desires of our hearts because He will answer according to His own holiness and will. The important thing to remember is that God loves us and wants us to make requests because it shows Him that we know He can provide. So, when we pray, we can make requests with the full assurance that God not only is able, but He will answer our prayers! (Scriptures used: Luke 11:1-10, Romans 8:26-27)

Memory Verse:
“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9 NIV 

To prepare, write 3-5 words on a single piece of paper until the verse is written. Then put the pieces of paper in order on a table and read it out loud with your child. Next, “scramble” the pieces of paper by putting them in random order. Once again, put the words back in the right order and recite them together. Continue the activity until the verse can be recited from memory. 

Suggested Parent/Child Activity:
Tell your child a true story about a time when you prayed for something and God gave it to you. Then tell him or her about another time when God’s answer was “no.” Remind your child that Jesus knew telling stories was a great way to help His followers remember the truth, and we can do the same thing to teach others about God! Lastly, ask your child to share stories of answered prayer requests and talk about what he or she learned about God.

Daily Prayer:
Thank You, God, for answering our prayers when we ask, seek, and knock! Help us remember to pray with thankful hearts. And thank You for Jesus’ example and for His sacrifice. Amen.

Coming Sunday Discovery Point: Tithes and Offerings- A Cheerful Giver
Coming Sunday Chairperson: Hannah C.
Coming Sunday Power point manager: Matthias C.