Good Friday Activities for Families

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Good Friday is the day that Jesus died on the cross. It's typically a solemn day for Christians as we consider the suffering Jesus endured. Because we know the end of the story, though, we can make this an enjoyable opportunity for children to learn what Christ's death means to them.

1.  Good Friday Discovery: Carry the Burden
As a reminder of Jesus' suffering on the cross, give each family member a small pebble to place in their shoe for the day. It'll be uncomfortable but not unbearable. Then at dinner, talk about how it felt to carry that burden all day and what Jesus' suffering means to you.

2.  Why, Jesus?
Here's a quick but powerful activity to explain to kids why Jesus died on the cross. Give kids sticky notepads and ask them to write down things they have done wrong and stick the notes on themselves. As they do this, quickly come by, take their notes, and stick them on you. This leads the way to a discussion on how Jesus took on our sins.

3.  Farther Than the Eye Can See
The Preparation

Materials: Four paper "bases," scrap paper, markers, tape, and a small bouncy ball

Use paper baseball "bases" to form a pretend baseball diamond on the floor. Set out paper and pencils. Wrap a piece of crumpled paper around the bouncy ball and secure it with tape.

Experience: Have family members talk about a time they won something. Gather families around home plate. Have each family member write the word "sin" on a sheet of paper and crumple the paper into a ball.

The Conversation

Say: We talked about winning things. Today we're going to find out that we can't beat problems without God's help. The Bible says everyone has sin and everyone has done wrong things. We can try to throw our sins away to be sinless. Stand at home plate and throw your sin as far as you can into the outfield.

When everyone has had a turn, take the weighted paper ball and throw it as far as possible.
Ask: What happened to your sin? Why didn't it go as far as mine did?

Say: My ball went farther away from me because it had extra power.

Read aloud Psalm 103:6-12.

Say: Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. These verses say that God takes our sin far away—farther than we'll ever see or imagine. When we ask for forgiveness, our sin is gone—for good. It's the reason Easter is a time for celebration!