Apr 05 Sunday School Material

Dear Families,

All physical services and gatherings for Calgary Chinese Alliance Church are still temporarily cancelled until the end of May 2020 (please see the new announcement from our church leadership here).  So we will continue to provide online Sunday School content for you to teach and engage spiritually with your children at home.

We use The Gospel Project Bible Study curriculum for our 9:30am Preschool/K classes and 11:00am Elementary Sunday School classes.  We have been going through the Bible chronologically on a journey to discover how the gospel unfolds.

We will post and upload the lesson material for the coming Sunday on Thursday; at which time, the previous week’s resources in the group will be removed.

Follow these instructions to start:
  1. Login to the KidMin @ CCAC Group to access the material (you need to join and request membership, ONLY PARENTS CAN BE MEMBERS)
  2. Scroll down to the Resources section on the group page (you need to be granted membership first)
  3. Print out the Activity Page for your kids to work on
  4. Open your Bible to the scripture passage
  5. Go through the Bible Story
    • Pre/K and Gr1-4: watch the Bible Story Video together as a family
    • Gr5-6: read the passage together and then watch the video
    1. Talk about the story with your family
      • Use the questions found under the Family Discussion Starters on the Activity Pages (for pre/k and gr1-4)
      • Ask open-ended questions
      • Share your insights and encourage your kids to share
    2. Watch the Questions From Kids Video for additional discussion (optional)
    3. Try doing the Family Activity on the Activity Pages (for pre/k and gr1-4) sometime during the week

      Here is the lesson for the week of April 05

      Bible Passage:
      Luke 1

      (summarized for kids)
      Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, were old and had no children. They lived outside of Jerusalem in the hill country and did what was right. Zechariah was a priest and at that time, King Herod ruled over Judea. Twice a year, Zechariah went to the temple in Jerusalem to carry out his duties as a priest.

      Many priests served in the temple. One day, Zechariah was chosen to go into the sanctuary of the Lord and burn incense. People gathered outside to pray, and Zechariah went inside the sanctuary. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared. Zechariah was terrified!

      “Do not be afraid, Zechariah,” the angel said. “God heard your prayer. Your wife will have a son, and you will name him John. His birth will bring you joy. God will be with Him. The Holy Spirit will fill him even before he is born.”

      The angel said that John would help many people turn back to God. John would go ahead of the Lord and get people ready for His coming.

      Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I know this will happen? I’m old, and my wife is old.”

      The angel said, “God sent me to tell you this good news. Because you did not believe my words, you won’t be able to speak until these things happen.”

      Zechariah left the temple. The people outside realized he had seen a vision and could not talk. When he was done serving in Jerusalem, Zechariah went home to Elizabeth. In time, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Her neighbors and relatives rejoiced.

      Zechariah and Elizabeth named their son John. Suddenly, Zechariah could speak again. He began praising God. The people who lived nearby could tell that God was with John. The Holy Spirit filled John. Zechariah praised God and told the people God’s words: “God has come to help His people. He will save us through David’s family. He will rescue us from our enemies.” Then he spoke to John: “And you will be called a prophet of the Most High. You will go before the Lord to prepare the way for Him.”

      The time had come. God was going to bring His light into the darkness of the world. Peace was coming for God’s people.

      John grew up and lived in the wilderness until God called him to get the people ready for Jesus.

      Christ Connection:
      When Zechariah believed God’s word, he praised God. Zechariah’s son, John, was born to get people ready for Jesus. People would praise God for keeping His promise to send the Saviour.
      When Zechariah believed God’s word, he praised God. John was born to prepare the way for Jesus. John would point people to Jesus, and they would praise God for keeping His promise to send the Saviour.

      Story Point:
      John was born to prepare the way for Jesus

      Key Passage:
      John 1:1-2
      "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John 1:1 NIV)
      "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God." (ESV)

      Big Picture Question:
      Is Jesus God or a human? As the Son of God, Jesus is both fully God and fully human.

      Some of the last words of the Lord recorded in the Old Testament are found in Malachi 4—“Look, I am going to send you the prophet Elijah … he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers” (vv. 5-6). The Book of Malachi was written more than 400 years before Jesus was born. For centuries, God’s people did not hear from Him. They were back in their homeland but were subject to other ruling nations. Eventually, the Romans took over.

      The Roman emperor installed Herod as a leader over Judea and surrounding regions such as Samaria and Galilee. To gain the people’s favor, King Herod replaced Zerubbabel’s temple in Jerusalem with a beautiful marble temple constructed by 10,000 workers. This was the temple in which Zechariah, a priest from the family of Abijah, served the Lord. This was the temple in which God, through the angel Gabriel, broke His silence after so many years.

      Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, were both “righteous in God’s sight” (Luke 1:6), living by faith in God’s promise to send a Messiah. Like Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18, they were getting along in years and did not have any children. Elizabeth’s barrenness was a point of disgrace for her among the community (Luke 1:25) and God graciously answered this couple’s prayers.

      An angel appeared to Zechariah in the temple sanctuary and delivered good news: “Your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear a son.” Echoing Malachi’s prophecy, the angel declared this son would “turn the hearts of fathers to their children” (Luke 1:17)

      For his doubting, Zechariah was rendered mute until the promise came to pass. When Zechariah believed God’s word, he praised God. John was born to prepare the way for Jesus. John would point people to Jesus, and they would praise God for keeping His promise to send the Savior.